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February 04, 2011


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Elaine Ray

This was a very moving and inspiring post. It eloquently ties together the history of the civil rights movement and the importance of ensuring that young people appreciate the full picture of American history and the sacrifices and courageous efforts of those who came before us. At the same time, it reinforces the notion of the dream, and the responsibility that all of us, especially the young, have for preserving and protecting our environment.

Gisele Noel

That was beautiful and very well written. I really like the parallel from the past to now & how you related it to the subject. You really are an excellent & engaging author.

Still, I can't help but play the devil's advocate at least a little because trains will never offer the sense of freedom and independence a car can (which is perhaps they flourish more in communal based societies). Also, no matter how efficient a mass transit system is, I guarantee it will come with it's own bag of problems - green, red, blue . . . you name it.

For example in NYC, politics, corruption, unions & the economy have almost bankrupt the system. Also, they are more green than cars - especially when full, but how about when they're not? What's the carbon footprint on the average off-peak hour train vs. a car & how many of them are there on average? Also with mass transit comes security issues & more loss of freedom. In fact, the 14th amendment protection against illegal search and seizure is non-existent in NYC subways.

While I'm not totally against public transit, I don't think it's truly a green solution (especially with politics & union interests negotiating it's efficiency). If the goal is to go green, I think we need to focus on investing in technology to eliminate our far reaching dependency on oil.


Obama announced another $53Bn plan for high-speed rail... Gisele has a good point that train will not replace trains but America still has a long way to go... it will take both mass transportation and electrical cars to become independent from oil.

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